относящихся к домашнему компьютеру TI-99/4A


OAK TREE SYSTEMS: 3922 Valentine Rd Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 firm which produced superior assembly language coded products such as Display Enhancement Package and the Acorn 99 database Manager. Other products such as Crossums also came from the Oak Tree stables.

OLD DARK CAVES: A Dungeons and Dragons type adventure authored and programmed by Donn Granros. I was initially offered to Jerry Price of TexComp for marketing, but was rejected. Chris Bobbitt of Asgard Software picked it up and the game took off. Old Dark Caves consists of over 100Kb of program and data and it incorporates over 60 assembly language routines in its Extended BASIC coding for faster play. It features 28 multicolored, and animated monsters and over 240 locations. Moves from cave to cave happen in less than a second thanks to the superior programming of the game.

OLIVER'S TWIST: Asgard #FE12a for cassette (1989 catalog), #FE-12b for disk (1989 catalog) - Released 1988 - MSRP $9.95 -- An Adventure Module adventure, written by Mickey Schmitt-Cendrowski and Lynn Gardner.  Your task is to return 15 treasures to their rightfull locations without disturbing the ghost of King Oliver.

OLYMPIC SALES COMPANY: 216 So. Oxnard Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004 firm that regularly advertised the TI-99/4A in the trade publications, at "street" prices.

OMEGA: A Shareware terminal emulation program for the TI-99/4A written by Travis Watford in 1987. It is unique in that the program allows for on-line viewing of RLE (Run Length Encoded) images.

ON-DISK/ON-TAPE: A series of disks/cassette tapes sold by Emerald Valley Publishing containing the programs from their published magazine issues. The series began when the name of the magazine was 99er/99er Home Computer Magazine, focusing solely on the TI-99/4A Home Computer. It continued when Home Computer Magazine appeared in February 1984, after the demise of the TI-99 in October 1983. Apple and IBM owners were offered On-Disk only, since neither computer supported cassette tape usage.

OPA (Oasis Pensive Abacutors): A 432 Jarvis St. Suite 502 Toronto,Ontario Canada M4Y-2H3 (416)960-1424 firm specializing in products for the TI-99/4A and Coleco ADAM home computers. Founded by Gary Bowser.

PHOENIX 2001 Series

OPTIMUS SOFTWARE: A company started in 1982-83 by TI Community notable J. Peter Hoddie. Released game programs such as:

Fishy Business
J. Freddy Frog
Klimbing Kong
Nuclear Rain
Space Battle: 2101

ORANGE MICRO INC: Rather substantial retailer of personal computer and home computer products in the early 1980s. Located at 3150 E. La Palma Suite #I Anaheim, CA 92806. Purchased a full-page ad in the premier issue of 99er Magazine, hawking non-TI-99 merchandise.


Arithmetic Excercise (XB)
Artillary Ace (B - TE2)
Baseball Quiz (B)
Basic Magnify (B)
Bill Filing System (XB)
Blackjack (B)· Byteman (XB)
Circle Plot (B)
Curve Plot (B)
Death Mobile (B)
Doodle (B)
Doxology (B)
Eviel -- Eyevil (XB)
Flag and National Anthem (B)
Flashcards (XB)· Geen Game (B)
Gravity Simulation (XB)· Grizzley (B)
Happy Birthday (B)
Home Plant Care Library (XB)
Household Inventory (B)
Keyboard Teacher 1 (B - TE2)
Keyboard Teacher 2 (B - TE2)
Las Vegas Luck (B)
Loan Calculating Program (XB)
Mail and Phone List (B)
Martian Probe (XB)
Math Challenge (B)
Maze Boggle (XB)
Maze Madness (B)
Message Board (XB)
Music Maker (B)
Novel TI (B)
Quest (XB)
Ski Run (XB)
Skydiving Challenge (XB)
Sound Effects Catalog (XB)
Space Fury (XB)
Space Shuttle Columbia (XB)
Speech Sounder (B - TE2)
Spelling Excercise (B - TE2)
State Capital Quiz (XB)
Stranded (B)
Toe-Tac-Tic (B)
Tonk (B)
Trap (B)
Visual Valentine (B)
Wonder Math (B)
Word Craze (B)
Word Search (B)

OTHELLO: PHM 3067 - Released 1Q/1982 - MSRP $39.95 -- An entertainment cartridge developed for the TI-99/4A by Gabriel Industries, a division of CBS Inc., based upon the Gabriel hand-held Computer Othello game. I'm not sure where the name Othello came from, but the game looks and plays like Reversi or Pentominos to me. It is a computerized version of a board game that the documentation (product #1053590-67) tells you is copyright 1974 by CBS, the board design that is. When I tried to play the game on my beige console I could never get it to properly accept the coordinates where I wanted my "disc" to be placed.  Thinking I was doing something wrong, I restarted the programand waited the 30 seconds the instruction manual tells you to wait, so I could see the demo of the program that appears automatically. After viewing the demo, I read the instruction manual, but still could not resolve my problem. Trouble is, the concept of the game is so uninteresting to me, I will admit to not trying very hard or very long to find out what the problem was. Othello does not use joysticks, nor does it support speech synthesis. It is a 1 or 2 player game, with the 1 player version playing against the computer.

User Comments: Othello is a strategy disc and board game in module format. Two people may play Othello, or you can choose the computer as your opponent. various skill levels are available to players, whether you're new to Othello, as I am, or an expert player. The object of othello is to get as many discs of your color as possible on the board. Your success lies in your ability to outflank your opponent by capturing a horizontal, vertical, oir diagonal row of the opponent's discs between two of your rows.

OTT, GRANVILLE, DR.: According to former Texas Instruments employee John Yantis, a true member of the "Brain Trust" that directed the development of the TI-99 Home Computer. The author of a number of patents fundamental to the TI-99 Home Computer, and a Senior Member of the TI Technical Staff,  who headed up numerous Personal Computer Division Advanced Development projects. Inventor of the Graphics Read Only Memory (GROM) chip(s) used in the TI-99, and the proprietary TI Graphics Programming Language (GPL) that was used to create many of the TI-99's cartridge programs.

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